An ultrasound is a completely noninvasive way to examine your pet’s organs, such as the kidney, pancreas, and heart.


Pet Ultrasound

This technique uses sound waves to create two-dimensional images, just like how it’s done with humans! To get the most information possible from an ultrasound, we may need to shave their fur as the probe needs to contact their skin.

If your pet is too excited and wants to move around during the ultrasound, we may need to sedate them so they can stay relaxed. The results of an ultrasound can be seen immediately, and unlike X-rays, there is absolutely no radiation to worry about.

Pet Endoscopy

If your pet has a condition that is more difficult to diagnose without taking a look inside, endoscopy is an excellent option. Endoscopy is a less invasive way to examine their internal organs.

We don’t want your pet to move around and potentially cause internal damage, so we will sedate them using general anesthesia. Once your pet is asleep, we will insert the endoscope into their mouth. The veterinarian will be able to guide the endoscope through their esophagus, stomach, and the upper portion of their small intestines.

A camera will capture valuable information, and forceps will be used to collect tissue samples for a biopsy. The endoscope will then be removed, and your pet will begin to wake up from sedation.

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