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Health insurance is something that humans automatically think about for themselves, but what about for your pet? They can have health issues too and it’s best to be prepared. At Healthy Pets Veterinary Care, we believe that having pet insurance is well worth the investment.

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Does Your Pet Need Insurance?

Unexpected things can happen at any time to your pet, just like with humans. Having them covered by pet insurance means you won’t be surprised by a large bill if they have an accident or disease. Unfortunately, there have been times when a pet can’t get the care they need because the cost was too expensive for the owner. We don’t want this situation to happen with you or your pet, so signing up for pet insurance can possibly be one of the best things you can do for them!

Why You Should Get Pet Insurance Now Instead of Later

An emergency can happen at any time – whether you’re prepared for it or not is up to you. If you wait too long, you might end up needing it before you had the chance to decide that it was the right time. Also, if your pet has pre-existing conditions, some insurances might require a waiting period, so it’s best to act as soon as possible.

Pet Insurance Questions to Consider


  • Are there any limitations or exclusions by breed?
  • What kinds of plans are there? One or multiple? What are the policy limits?
  • Are congenital and hereditary conditions covered?
  • Does coverage change when visiting emergency hospitals or specialists?
  • Is dental included?
  • Are supplements, drugs, nutraceuticals, and prescription food covered?
  • Is there an option for alternative therapies or rehab?
  • Does coverage change if enrolling a senior or adult pet?


  • At checkout, does the provider offer direct payments?
  • In the case of no direct payment options, what is the average reimbursement time?
  • Is pre-approval offered?
  • What’s needed to send a claim and how long will it take to process?


  • What are the waiting periods?
  • Does the deductible work per condition, per body part, or per year?
  • Are the options flexible?
  • Can a previously covered condition become pre-existing?
  • Are there any penalties for changes made to the policy?
  • Are premium increases on a schedule?
  • Are there fees to pay your premium on a monthly basis?
  • Is there a minimum age for coverage? A maximum?
  • Is there a customary charges clause?
  • Other than non-payment, are there any other reasons the policy can be canceled?

Want More Information About Our Insurance Policies?

Our Healthy Pets Veterinary Care team is always ready and waiting to discuss the insurance options for your pet, especially because it’s so important to have. If you want to know more or have any questions for us, please contact us today!

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