Prepping Your Cat For Travel

Unlike some dogs, many cats are not big fans of traveling. Their heightened senses and unfamiliar territory can make them nervous and stressed. Preparing for a trip to see us can make them feel more at ease with the journey.

Preparing the Carrier

The best carrier for your cat will be made of sturdy plastic and has proper ventilation. A front door and removable top are also ideal. To get them comfortable with the idea of the carrier, place it in a quiet area where your cat spends a lot of time with the door open.

Your goal is to get your cat to think of the carrier as a safe space, not something they should be afraid of. This will make putting them inside the carrier a lot easier. To make your cat feel even more at ease, place some clothing with your scent inside and some toys, treats, and soft bedding.

If your cat is typically nervous, consider using Feliway or a calming collar.

The Ride

Cats can get motion sickness while traveling, so avoid feeding them a few hours before you leave to reduce this. Once you’ve placed them inside their carrier, placing a towel over it can help calm their nerves. When you depart, reduce noise, such as music and honking, while driving smoothly. Their sense of hearing is four times sharper than a human, so keeping everything as quiet as possible will help greatly. Instead of listening to music, try talking to them. Your voice can be calming and reassuring.

After You Arrive

Once you’ve arrived at our waiting room, sit as far away as possible from the dogs and keep the towel draped over the carrier. Put the carrier on a table or chair rather than the ground if possible. Also, ask us about being placed straight into the cat-only exam room.

When you’re placed in the exam room, open the front door of the carrier and let your cat come out on their own so they can explore the area. These can be stressful times for them, but we do our best to keep that stress to a minimum.

Do You Need a Caring Veterinarian for Your Cat in Boca Raton, FL?

We know that bringing your cat in for a visit can be difficult, but we’ll do our best to work with you so they can get the proper treatment needed to stay happy and healthy. Contact us to learn more about kitty transport or to book an appointment.